How to grow a pet in SUSH app?

so here is search app with the virtual pad and here you can see the sushi if you invite your friend now yeah you can grow a swoosh together so here it is uh so you just need to uh tap allow a few times a day or something like that and then you can play mini games together you can get some accessories uh so something like that so you can change that I don't know if that influence and then you can do a selfie together then you can collect coins uh say Hi and then you can just do that uh then you can just type something uh so yeah type a message and then uh you can okay you can share it to the camera and then uh so something like that or send the photo uh and then your sush nissla from both of you to grow it and evolve so you can change your color change heart color so something like this and yeah you're just growing this pad together name your sush uh stay alive two days feed your sushi slow to keep it alive open the gallery of accessory and pick wallpaper name your sushi so uh how to give a name to it I have no idea uh so yeah that's basically the interesting concept of this app where you can just play together and have fun uh so yeah this is kind of how it works and tap the top of the path to username so yeah something like that so you just hang out you get coins I don't know what you can do with coins but uh uh you can also delete path you can create new path you can share path and something like that so that's the concept of the app and then you can also add sush widget uh with the pad

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