How to hide prompts from artwork in Dream by Wombo app?

so here i'm trying to generate an image in dream by wombo app and i want to show you one trick where basically you can hide your prompt from the from the image so in case you don't want it or yeah you can just hide it so here's for example i just entered prompt waves but i don't want that to be displayed i want just to be clear and yeah only on this tab i can just hide prompt and i can also give name here so i can just see uh sorry i can just name this artwork as c and uh but just be careful you can only do this at this tab later you can't edit name you can't remove prompts or all of that so here i just remove prompts and i just tap publish and there you have it after that uh i will have okay i can just do try that uh there is some issue i don't know why is that is happening but maybe it there is a bug and it doesn't work doesn't want to to remove prompt okay it's not that but anyhow this is it should be possible so basically here i removed the the prompt and then i can just see just the artwork name and that's it

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