How to hide/unhide friends in Step up app?

The Step Up pedometer app offers a convenient feature that allows users to hide or unhide friends within the application. To utilize this feature, navigate to the top left corner of the app where your icon is located. Follow the steps below to effectively manage your friend list:

  1. Locate the hidden friends section: The app provides a separate section for hidden friends, allowing you to easily identify and manage this list.
  2. Customize your friend list: This feature is particularly useful for users who may want to hide friends with different activity paces, such as those who are significantly slower or faster in their step count.
  3. Maintain privacy: When you hide a friend in Step Up, they will no longer be visible to you within the app, and likewise, you will be invisible to them. This ensures mutual privacy and control over your displayed friends.
  4. Unhide friends: If you wish to reverse this action, the app offers an option to unhide friends, making them visible on your friend list again.
  5. No impact on Facebook friend status: It is important to note that hiding a friend in the Step Up app does not affect your Facebook friend status in any way. This feature is specific to the Step Up platform and provides a tailored experience within the app.

In conclusion, the process of managing your friends in the Step Up app is straightforward and offers users the flexibility to curate their friend list based on individual preferences. Whether you choose to hide certain friends for privacy reasons or to streamline your displayed contacts, this feature enhances user control and customization within the app.

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