How to install Lock Widgets on iOS16 with LockWidget app?

hello everyone so here is interesting app lock widget lock screen uh seems so this is the the app which is uh which is useful for ios 16 and uh basically this is the newest feature on iphone where like uh yeah you can install all the switches to your lock screen so there are different types of widgets so for example you can have this widget like weather widget then you can just tap set widget you can go back to uh and then there is also some tutorial here it's just in the notion side so long press any empty area on lock screen and then tap customize click add widget scroll down and click lock widget and tap and drag to add a widget click the widget on preview area and then choose a widget name click done click status wallpaper bar and set done so yeah so there you have it that's basically how you set up these widgets using this app of course there are many other apps where where you can do that and yeah also here you can also set up these tabs uh effect wallpapers so just tap on any photo share and type uses wallpaper optimize it by two figures still the adapts effect shows and then click done uh so like here you can see that like the the bunny ears are just coming about the yeah the time uh text and then you can just click set as well paper pair back to lock screen set done so something like

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