How to install MD BLANK widget on iPhone screen?

so here is md blank widget uh this is from the developers who did the md vinyl widget and i'm just not sure how it's working it doesn't work for me seems like that so i have light and dark and yeah so it's for some reason it's just uh so i set it up this screenshot uh set up another one view the tutorials and then i just want to set it up but it doesn't appear for me in the in the widget and i can see i can't see it here so i if i try to source the widget okay so here i just want to add like a small blank medium blank or large blank okay so now i'm adding this like blank widget because this was just a screenshot of my uh yeah of my uh home screen so there you have it so then you can just add edit widget you can so here you can see a small blank so vertical position this position and then you can just add some text and all of that so yeah hope that is helpful then you can just tap to remove the widget this is like in case you want to add some like uh blank space to your home screen or to any other screen it can be pretty nice just you know to organize apps in specific design or for any other purpose can be pretty fun

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