How to install MD CLOCK widget on iPhone?

here's MD clock widget app this app is developed by the same team who did MD Vino widget and this app one few Apple Design Awards um and this is like a clock widget which you can install on your phone and yeah you can use it like why would you use this app compared to standard clock app well because it has all these original designs which are really nice and it's very customizable and it has one like apple Design Awards and all of that however yeah I think you need to upgrade to MD clock premium in order to access all these widgets but to install it on iPhone you just have this widget you can customize it and then you can just tap and hold and then you will be able to add search here widgets and the clock and then you will be able to add this in the free version you can all only add a classical one I think for free otherwise you need to upgrade so for example here I can just add widget and there you have it that's the widget here you have your theme light dark black effects they have background background image you can also add that you can change it so yeah and then it works as well for me there was some issue where when I tap the app and search for the empty clock I couldn't find it so what I did I just restarted my phone and then it started to work

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