How to install Solidity extenstion in Visual Studio Code?

hello everyone in this video we will try to install solidity ink extension in visual studio code editor so i think this one extension by joon blanco so you can see 500 000 plus installs pretty high rating and i think this is one of the best extensions out there where you can use syntax highlighting snippets compilation of the current contract instructions and all of that so yep let's just install that so now i have my visual studio code open and then i can just tap install here and it's like super easy so i can just tap install and then you have this that you need to have visual studio code but you also have that installed so then you can just open it up in the visual studio code and then if you are just redirected of course you can just search for that extension in the in the marketplace visual studio code marketplace [Music] and that is just installation is going on so this video was just about in case you are looking for a good solidity extension that's that's the one i guess you should try out because i'm doing like um boot camp uh with ethereum development and this is what these mentors recommended to use also if you want you can just tap on this tab in the sidebar extensions or use yeah shift command x and then just install it and there you have it now your extension is disabled and it is enabled globally so hope that is helpful

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