How to install ThemePack LockScreen widgets?

SimPack is an app that allows customization of the lock screens on Android devices. This app contains a wide range of lock screen widgets, which you can select according to your preference. In this article, we will guide you on how to install the ThemePack LockScreen widgets on your Android device using the SimPack app.

Here is a video transcript, which will take you through the steps required to install the lock screen widgets in SimPack.

"So, here is SimPack app and how to install lock screen widgets in SimPack. So, quite easy, so you can just go to widgets and then here you have lock screen, and then you should be able to select any lock screen widgets like which you like, so let's just explore."

  1. Go to the Widgets
  2. Select Lock Screen Widget
  3. Explore the available widgets

"For example, I just want to install this widget. I need to use some gems, unfortunately, if you don't have premium in this app, you will need to watch a lot of ads, and this is how you just get gems, and then yeah, you don't need to upgrade, but you need to have like 300-500 gems to get started, maybe even closer to a thousand, it means that you need to log in few days to this app, then you need to watch few ads and share this app to your friends, and then yeah, and then you will be able to access widgets, icons, wallpapers for some not premium themes for free, so there you have it, hello."

  1. Use gems or watch ads to unlock premium features
  2. Log in daily and share with friends to earn more gems

"I don't know why I need to watch another ad, so sorry for that, but that's just basically showing you around that yeah if you would try to use this app a lot and if you try to add a lot of widgets here, you will probably just need to upgrade, but if you just selected one theme which you really like and you just want to change it once per like three months or something, then probably you can just watch few ads here and there so it just depends on you."

  1. Upgrade for more features or watch ads occasionally if you only need to change the widget once in awhile

"Then I have this, and then I can just install this widget, instantly pushes me to write a review and then you can see some tutorial, so just go to lock screen tab, customize tab at widget, search for theme pack, and then just tap add and select your widget, so yeah let's just try it out."

  1. Select your widget and add it to your lock screen
  2. Follow the tutorial

"You can also do it from the wallpaper settings and then yeah from here you can then just go and then just select theme pack and then just tap at widget and then just tap add, and then here you have your widgets available, and something like that, and now you have your widget here, so that's how it looks like, and then you just need to tap done in the top right, hope that is helpful."

  1. Go to wallpaper settings and select ThemePack
  2. Follow the same process to add the widget
  3. Tap done in the top right corner

That's it! You have now successfully installed the ThemePack LockScreen widgets on your Android device. Using SimPack, you can further customize your lock screen widgets to your preferences. Remember to log in daily and share with friends to earn more gems to unlock more features.

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