How to invite your friends in Step Up app? It's super easy, but there is one crucial detail you should be aware of to ensure it works effectively. When you want to invite your friends, simply tap on "Invite Your Friends" within the app. Then, you can share the link with your friends. The most critical part is the link itself. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Select the link within the app.
  2. Instruct your friends not to just click on the link as it will only redirect them to the App Store at the moment due to a potential bug.
  3. Instead, your friends should copy the link and open their own Step Up app.
  4. In the top right corner, they will spot a plus icon.
  5. Ask them to enter the copied link there.
  6. This will allow your friends to add you successfully.

You can also request this link from your friends as needed, and the same process applies for groups as well. Despite the ease of this feature, there seems to be a minor bug affecting the invitation link functionality. It is recommended to follow the outlined steps until a fix is implemented by the developers.

This particular issue may be a bit tricky to navigate, but by following these instructions, you and your friends can successfully connect through the Step Up app.

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