How to invite friends in Temu app?

here's demo app so there are so many promotion and deals in this app so to invite a new app users to this app what you need to do is just tap yeah invite new users and then you can actually get some free gifts uh words you know like 10 dollars twenty like fifty dollars whatever it just depends on the promotions and then uh yeah you can invite those people and if you invite like six or ten user short file users depending on the promotion you can get you can get this uh yeah you can get this item uh so yeah for example something like this and then you can just copy a link and that's your invitation link so here I just want to create a new note to share with you so this is like my invitation link so you can use that and then yeah you can use this link feel free to use it get into the Tamil app is one of the most uh trending apps right now uh yeah you can get a lot of stuff there and then I will get some free gift or of course you can do it to your friends as well uh so something like that definitely give it a try

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Add & Invite Friends on Roblox Mobile Guide
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