How to invite friends to Object Removal app?

hey there so how to invite friends to object removal app so super easy so what you can do here is just um when you're signed up there is a free VIP button and what does it give you it gives you 30 days of free VIP like 30 days free trial and to do that you just need to invite one friend and you can access all features now uploading ads on the photo no watermark as I understand and all the updates and for that you just need to invite one friend so in this case feel free to use my invitation code yeah of course you can create an account and refer friends for yourself just and then you will have an option to use this app for free 30 days or you can also get seven days free trial if you use my code down here so also try that because in standard subscription I think you're getting like three days free trial so that's basically the idea um hope it is helpful for you check out this app it's kind of like a Photoshop on your mobile device super easy to use and maybe it doesn't have all the features that photoshop has but it's definitely quite a helpful app which helps you to just to easily remove any objects people text lines from any photos

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