How to join Bluesky beta private waitlist? I can’t!

everyone so I'm just checking out the blue sky website and they just released the Blue Sky app and how to join that private by the white list so if you don't have the app uh try to sign up somewhere here on the website however if I try to sign up on the website or just try to join the white list here I'm just being redirected to the app and in the app I just need to invite codes there is no button anywhere how to join the sign up waitlist and all of that so yeah it's uh yeah so that's what it is there is no sign up for any scene as I read in the media is a probably there is around like a million people or already on the wait list or sorry on the like closed beta and yeah so that's what it is um yeah so unfortunately not sure if you can join the the waitlist actually anymore so probably you just need to wait and Cat a friend who has these invite code somehow or maybe they will just open up in public it's like interesting as I release this app openly in the App Store so you can just go and find it it's not the test flight it's not some close testing it's available in the App Store it's already going into the charts in the App Store but like what you can do is like you know result in White Cloud you can do anything so that's what it is

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