How to know usernames - who is in your Twitter Interaction Circle?

hello everyone so i discovered this cool website real top and this is the the free and easy way to generate your interaction circle on twitter so i just did it i don't need to pay for it i waited like 30 seconds and then to know who exactly is in your interaction circle which like who is there then you can just do that and then you will see who is in your interaction circle which accounts are in in that because sometimes on the image like you know that these are the accounts but uh like who like who they are you might not remember because maybe you dm someone or you just you know mention someone but you don't even know like who that was so here you can just see all their accounts and then you can just check on twitter so that's basically it uh something like that and then you can see them in kind of like priority maybe maybe not let's see maybe there is some explanation no there is not so that's about it um hope that was helpful

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