How to know which messages are bot messages in NGL app?

How to Know Which Messages Are Bot Messages in NGL App?

In a recent update, NGL app has made it easier than ever to identify bot messages. Previously, it was sometimes difficult to differentiate between messages sent by real people and those generated by bots. However, the app developers have implemented a simple indicator that makes this distinction clear.

To identify a bot message in the NGL app, look for a red button within the message. This button will shake and display the words "Who sent this?" This indicates that the message is sent by a real person, even if the content of the message may seem odd, such as a series of dots or random text. The shaking red button is a clear indication of a genuine human interaction.

If you navigate to the settings menu and find the option for "low messages enabled," this indicates a bot message. A "low message" refers to a message sent by an AI bot. These messages are specifically labeled as being sent by the NGL team. Instead of the shaking red button, you will see the text "sent by team NGL" for bot messages. This feature allows users to easily distinguish between bot-generated and human-generated messages.

Identifying bot messages is crucial for maintaining a genuine and authentic conversation experience within the NGL app. By providing users with a clear indicator, NGL app ensures that users can make informed decisions about the messages they receive.

So, the next time you come across a message in the NGL app, pay attention to the presence of the shaking red button or the label "sent by team NGL." These indications will help you identify whether the message is generated by a bot or sent by a real person. This knowledge will enhance your overall messaging experience and enable you to interact with confidence.

In conclusion, NGL app has taken a step forward in transparency by clearly marking bot messages and providing users with the ability to differentiate between bot-generated and human-generated content. This feature ensures that users can engage in meaningful conversations and maintain control over their messaging experience.

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