How to know which messages are bots in NGL app?

In the NGL app, it is essential to be able to discern between messages sent by other users and automated bot messages. By understanding the cues within the app, users can navigate their conversations with clarity. Let's explore how you can identify bot messages within the NGL app.

First and foremost, within your app settings, you have the option to manage the reception of low messages. By navigating to your settings, you can toggle the option to either enable or disable these messages. Here is a breakdown of how to identify bot messages within the NGL app:

  • Enable/Disable Bot Messages: By default, bot messages are enabled in the NGL app. If you choose to disable them, you will not receive any bot-generated messages. However, if they remain enabled, you will continue to receive bot messages periodically aimed at brightening your day.
  • Identifying Bot Messages: When viewing a message, look for specific indicators. A message displaying a red button with the sender's name attached indicates a standard message sent by a human user. On the other hand, if you come across a message signed off as "sent with love from Team NGL" without the customary red button, it signifies an AI-generated bot message created by the NGL app itself.

By recognizing these distinctions, users can better engage with the content they receive in the NGL app, distinguishing between human interactions and automated bot communications effectively. Understanding these nuances can enhance your overall experience within the app, allowing for more informed and deliberate interactions with other users.

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