How to know WHICH QUESTIONS WERE GENERATED by NGL app? Sent with ❤️ from team NGL

so how to see which questions were generated by Angel app uh as you probably heard NGL app sended app seems they are using some technology to generate some of the questions and actually it's really hard to differentiate which questions are from human and which questions are from some bot because the artificial intelligence algorithm are becoming so good that it's like indistinguishable so basically now I really like it that NGL app now includes this tags in the bottom is which just says sends scientific love from Team NGL so by this why they just acknowledge that for example this message was sent by bot not by your friend or some colleague and you don't need to guess and like obsess who sent this kind of message because some of the messages can be really like personal and then you really try to figure out to try to upgrade and all of that to figure out who from your friends sent this what was the exact meaning why did he or she stands this and stuff like that so now at least you have an idea so another message also you see in the bottom that it's from the bot uh but this message for example doesn't have this and this message says who sent uh who sent this button and now you can see that this message wasn't sent by bot but still we don't know how much honest is Angel app and is it is it really opening up about all messages I sent or just some of them so maybe they're just including this text in 50 of the messages and other fifty percent are still generated but they just don't tell us so I don't know what do you guys think about it because obviously they still need to generate Revenue and uh you know yeah help you to push you to subscribe so here for example someone wrote I really like you like a lot of people can obsess about it and like figure out who of their 50 friend sends this and then just upgrade to Pro and stuff like that but why NGL app does includes these Auto generated questions obviously because you know some people don't get any messages at all you need to boost engagement you need to bring new users even if it's generated you can still reply to it on Instagram and boost your activity and get more people reply hope this can be helpful and thank you for watching if you have any other comments or ideas around it just leave it under the video

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