How to link a bank account in Cleo app via Plaid?

hey there so how to link plate in Clear app lied connects clear securely and you are in good company millions of users clear can move your money she's just an AI with bad attitude she's also never stores your mind blogging details but creepy if she did so uh yeah clear is basically cash advance app which can provide you like hundred dollars maximum like ahead of your payday and it's like super small credits app it's one of the popular apps out there it offers very good conditions but of course it's on 100 bucks so it's not like 10 000 there is no interest but then you still need to connect your bank account here so chime Chase Wells Fargo so you just connect any of these Banks via uh Clear app so yeah that's what you can do here um so yeah okay I'll just showing you that that's basically how it works that you need to connect your existing bank account but yeah that's basically the idea of what you can do uh and hope and then you can just also read here clear on our stores Bank login details so then yeah you can just tap here connect me I'm just interested if it only connects American bands or also um it connects like European Banks so for example so you can connect UK Banks uh but only from UK or maybe there is like so there aren't that many European Banks actually here and then there was revolute so yeah um there you have it

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