How to make a sound on CoverStar app?

How to make a sound on the CoverStar app?

To create a sound on the CoverStar app, it's as simple as recording a video with the original audio. You have the option to either add your own original sound or record the video with the existing sound.

On the top of the app's interface, you will find the option to add sound. Alternatively, you can choose to record your video with the desired sound included. The app allows users to upload their own audio clips and use them as soundtracks for their videos.

Similar to the popular TikTok platform, if your video gains traction and you accumulate more followers and star power on CoverStar, other users will have the ability to reuse your sounds in their own videos. This creates a collaborative ecosystem where sounds can be shared and used creatively by the community.

Although there may be additional features and functionalities within the app, the basic process of creating a sound on CoverStar revolves around recording a video with original audio and sharing it with others.

If you're new to the app, we encourage you to give it a try and explore the possibilities of creating unique sounds that can resonate with a wide audience. Join the vibrant community on CoverStar and see how your creations can inspire and engage others.

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