How to make a vlog on CoverStar app?

So how do you make a vlog on the CoverStar app? In this video transcript, the user expresses their confusion about the process. It appears that making vlogs on the app is not straightforward and requires some effort.

Firstly, the app is likened to TikTok, specifically designed for children. To unlock the ability to create vlogs, users need to generate a lot of content and partake in challenges. It seems that after reaching a certain star power and gaining a specific number of followers, the option to make vlogs will become available.

Currently, the app does not provide a direct option to create vlogs. Instead, there is only a camera feature available. It lacks a separate menu or option specifically for vlogs. This limitation adds to the complexity of the process.

Interestingly, the app allows users to have their own accounts and create groups. Users can also view popular videos. However, there is no information or support available in the FAQs regarding how to add a vlog.

In conclusion, making a vlog on the CoverStar app is not as straightforward as expected. If you have any insights or knowledge about how to accomplish this, the user encourages you to leave your suggestions in the comments.

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