How to make ten ten account?

If you're wondering how to make a 1010 account, the process is quite straightforward. The 1010 app allows you to create an account using different methods. Here's a breakdown of how you can set up your account:

  1. Open the 1010 app and tap on "Let's go."
  2. Choose your preferred sign-in method from the following options:
  • Apple
  • Google
  • TikTok
  • Phone number
  • Email

It's worth noting that there have been issues with SMS verifications using phone numbers recently, leading to glitches and bugs. Therefore, creating an account using email or one of the other listed methods might be a more reliable choice. If you already have a 1010 account, signing in is a breeze. Simply go to the sign-in section within the app and proceed from there.

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