Are you a Lockit Widget user? Do you want to learn how to make videos in Lockit Widget? Good news, Lockit has now added video features in their app. If you are a Lockit Widget user and you want to try this feature out, here is a full guide on how to create and send videos on Lockit Widget.

First of all, you need to update your Lockit Widget app to version 1.16.0. Currently, this new feature is available only for users in the US App store. If you are in another country, you may need to wait for the feature to be released in your country or switch to the US App store to have access to this new feature.

Once you've updated the app, open Lockit Widget, and if you have the feature enabled, the first thing you will see is a yellow caption that says, "Hold down to record." To start recording, hold down on the screen. You will see a yellow border that runs around your image, indicating that you are now recording. You can record short 5-second videos, decorate them with music, captions such as weather, location, time, etc.

Once you've finished recording, select the recipient you want to share the video with, just as you do with pictures, and then hit send. The video will then appear in your history tab. However, at the moment, videos may not appear in the home screen widget, which could suggest a possible issue with the app.

It is worth knowing that there are differences in deleting photos and videos from the app. If you delete a photo update, only the photo from your personal history will be deleted, and anyone else who received it will still be able to view it. But if you delete a video update, it will permanently delete your video from your history and also from your friend's history, which means they cannot view it anymore.

It is critical to consider these differences when deleting any pictures or videos from the Lockit Widget. I should also note that this feature is only available on iOS and that there are currently a few minor bugs.

In conclusion, making videos in Lockit Widget is now more comfortable than ever. Lockit users can now record 5-second videos, embellish them with various features, add captions, and send them to their friends through the app. If you have not already updated your Lockit Widget app, you can now give this feature a try and share your video messages with your friends.

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