How to @mention someone in BlueSky app?

The BlueSky app is gaining popularity as more and more people embrace its unique features. One of the functionalities users often wonder about is how to mention someone within the app. If you've been wondering as well, worry no more! We have a quick and easy guide for you.

To begin, simply tap on the "add" button within the app. This will prompt a search box where you can find the people you want to mention. Just start typing the first letters of their name, as you would in any typical search function. BlueSky will automatically suggest relevant users based on your input.

Once you see the desired person in the search results, simply tap on their name. By doing so, you will successfully mention them in your post or comment. What's great about BlueSky is that when you mention someone, their full username will be displayed, ensuring clear identification for other users.

By following these steps, you'll seamlessly include someone in your conversations on the BlueSky app. Whether you want to bring attention to a specific user or start a discussion with them, mentioning someone is a helpful feature that enhances the overall experience of using BlueSky.

Keep in mind that mentioning someone can also serve as a notification for them. Therefore, if you have something urgent to discuss or if you want to ensure that the person you're mentioning sees your message, this feature can be especially practical.

In conclusion, mentioning someone on the BlueSky app is a simple process that can be done by tapping the "add" button and typing the first letters of their name. BlueSky's intelligent search function will suggest relevant users, allowing you to easily select and mention the person you want to engage with. Once you mention someone, their full username is displayed, ensuring clarity for all users. So, go ahead and enhance your communications on BlueSky by utilizing this handy feature.

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