How to move account in Mastodon app?

so here is Mastodon app and if you tap on your profile in bottom right and tap on your icon in top right then you can go to account settings and then scroll to the bottom and if you say smooth to a different account here you can actually put up a redirect on your profile so I'll instead of uh move into a different account you can just only put a redirect on your profile so that's account migration your current accounts profile will be updated zero direct notice and be exclusive from searches no other data will be moved automatically your current account will not be fully visible usable afterwards however you will have access to data exports as well as your activation so just hand enter a handle of a new account you want to move to and the current password and as I understand what will happen is just basically anyone who goes to your old account will be redirected to a new one but all your followers from all the account want to be moved automatically so all your followers from all the account won't be moved automatically so that's what it is so hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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