How to open a support chat in Cash App?

Hey there, so how to open a support chat with Cash App. So just tap on your account in top right, then you have support here and then you have chat in the bottom. So yeah, just tap chat and then Cash App support. This is a new feature. Previously it was super hard to access Cash App support. Now it's possible and you can do that. So just tap plus and then you can just upload photo or even upload a file here. And then you can just chat on your own schedule. It will notify you of new messages and your history will always be available. And then you can just send something here like that. So that's the process. So now you can easily access it. There is no notification either, this instant chat. Of course, there is some cash bot, but then probably you will just be redirected hopefully to some human specialist. But you need to know that Cash App has like tens of millions of users and can be pretty hard to get to human. You can see that it's just the best way to give them a call from 9am to 7pm, Eastern Monday through Friday is still the best option to reach out to Cash App support. And the chat is mostly like some AI chat bot, which will just guide you through FAQ articles, which you can just search yourself. But there you have it. But you can still try to type your issue here. Maybe it can be helpful as well. Of course, via this chat, if you ask something, if they ask something on their phone, you can easily upload photo or upload a file. So does that.

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