How to pause Snap Streaks in SnapChat? New feature

so Snapchat just introduced a new feature as you can see just on March first 23 that yeah you can actually pause your snaps trick snap Chatters have celebrated friendships they nurtured daily with SNAP streaks but lives get busy and sometimes you can lose your streak so if you don't do it daily you basically lose your streak so starting today we are making it easier to take a break with a new feature we are testing to let you reignite the spark and restore one streak for free with just one tab um yeah uh snapchatters looking to restore more than once will have the option to add more strict resource right from the app and then you will need to buy them I guess and for Snapchat Plus subscribers there will be an option to pause these tricks so I was just found here in this article and in Gadget um you will have to buy more store from the app for one dollar each in the US in its announcement the company also said that it's introduced in a new way for Snapchat Plus subscribers to freezer streaks for long periods soon so yeah that's basically the idea I think that's this feature is only available right now in in US um all right but you are not sure if I can actually restore it from here or maybe there is some new feature um yeah so maybe it will be available here in Snapchat Plus but anyhow that's uh that's what it is

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