How to play a song in TouchTunes app?

here's TouchTunes app and if you tap help in the top left uh here's just a quick guide how to play for a song in case you just download this app so this app is available on iOS seems It's not available on Android and with the help of this app you can play your songs in the jukeboxes around us Canada or UK so just download the app uh and yeah just install it um and then yeah you can find a you can get access to 65 000 bars restaurants and local hotspots all right seems it's it's actually it's available on on Google Play Store but for some reason I wasn't able to find it so it's weird um so yeah then check into nearby jukebox so checking you allows you to select music to to play on the jukebox through your device so yeah just find it uh yeah find it available create an account so just sign up with Apple ID Facebook email search for a song you want to play and then you need to purchase jukebox credit so you can purchase them with apple pie with a credit debit card so something around that and then yeah you can just press play and enjoy the song your credit will be charged and then the song will be added to the queue so that's basically the idea um hope that is helpful uh yeah you can select different payment methods so yeah that's basically that can you access a jukebox you're not near uh so there you had probably uh you can only access that you boxes you are currently near however the jukeboxes you have checked in previously will be displayed with the most recent at the top um so if you can't check into the jukebox there are a number of things you can do is a jukebox listed as unavailable you can just notify the the venue staff yeah you can just read all of these things here anyhow that that's the process hope it is helpful

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