How to play Confessions game via NGL app?

Here's an NGL app. If you go here and you can select some games. There are a lot of new games like Confessions, Rewards Your Crush, Never Have I Ever, Deal-breaker. If you just select any game, for example, Confessions, then you can just tap Share, and then you can tap Next Step.

You can link that and then basically, here's how it looks like. Now you can just share your story, and this is how you share to share Confessions. I still need to copy that, and then, yeah. The template seems, it doesn't work but you can at....

Then something like this. Then this is your link, and then you can just share it. Then if someone goes here, they visit the link, send me anonymous confession, sending me anonymous messages. That's basically how it works.

Yep, that's basically how you play Confessions game. Basically, nothing new is just this. This link is just called Confessions and that's it. But yeah, some people maybe just like this name or something around it.

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