How to post a photo or video in Truth Social app?

Are you struggling with trying to post a photo or video in Truth Social app? Fear not, as we have you covered with this brief guide on how you can post media on this social platform.

Firstly, to post a photo or video on Truth Social app, simply tap on the plus icon located at the bottom of your screen. Once you have done that, you will see several options available to you. These include 'photo', 'video', and 'poll'.

If you want to upload a photo, tap the 'photo' option and then take a photo using your device's camera or select a photo from your gallery. It's important to note that you can upload a maximum of four images per Trues or one animated GIF.

For uploading a video, select the 'video' option. You can upload videos that are 600 seconds or less, giving you ample time to share your message.

And if you want to engage your followers with polls, select the 'poll' option, create your poll question, and add up to four answer options.

To sum up, posting media on Truth Social app is quite simple. Just tap on the '+' icon, select the type of media you want to upload, and you're good to go. Happy posting!

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