B-Real, a popular app for creating and sharing photos, has recently introduced a new feature called BTS, which stands for "Behind the Scenes." This feature allows users to capture a few seconds of footage before taking a photo, giving a glimpse into the moments leading up to the shot. In this article, we will explore how to use the BTS feature on B-Real and provide a full guide on its functionalities.

To access the BTS feature, make sure you have updated your B-Real app to the latest version. Additionally, ensure that you have granted the app access to your microphone. It is important to note that currently, this update is only available to B-Real users with a United States phone number and is not yet available in Europe. However, it is expected to roll out to more users in the near future.

Using the BTS feature is simple. When creating a new B-Real, tap to add the BTS option. By default, the feature is enabled and captures both sound and video for a few seconds leading up to the photo. The length of the BTS footage can range from 5 to 7 seconds.

After capturing your BTS footage, you can preview it by tapping and holding on the image. This allows you to see the moments before the photo was taken. If you prefer to disable the sound, there is an option to turn it off. Additionally, you can choose to disable the BTS feature right before posting if you decide you do not want to include it.

When you are ready to post your B-Real, you can choose your audience, add a location, and even attach a music track. These options are standard and provide customization to enhance your post. Once you have made your selections, tap the send button.

It is worth noting that you can post multiple BTS B-Reals after your first B-Real. Your friends may also post their own BTS B-Reals, and to watch them, simply tap and hold on the image. You can enable or disable sound on these BTS B-Reals as well.

If you are not satisfied with a BTS B-Real after posting it, you have the option to remove it by tapping on the three dots in the top right corner. From there, you can delete the BTS footage while keeping the rest of the photo intact. Additionally, you can save the BTS video to your phone's photos by tapping the save option.

In the B-Real settings, you will find that the BTS feature is enabled by default and cannot be completely disabled. If the default setting annoys you, you will need to manually disable BTS each time you post a B-Real. Furthermore, the BTS video only captures footage using the back camera and does not work with the selfie camera.

While the BTS feature is not yet available to all B-Real users, it is expected to be released to a majority of users in the coming weeks. If you have a B-Real account registered with a US phone number, you should be able to try out this exciting new feature.

To get a better understanding of how the BTS feature can enhance your B-Real experience, visit the B-Real TikTok page and explore the creative shots captured by talented users. This new addition of short videos adds a visually appealing and dynamic element to B-Real, creating a unique user experience.

In conclusion, the BTS feature on B-Real offers users the opportunity to capture behind-the-scenes moments before taking a photo. With its simple functionality and added customization options, it is a valuable addition to the app. Although currently limited to B-Real users with a US phone number, it is expected to become available to more users soon. Give it a try and discover how BTS can elevate your B-Real posts.

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