How to post in Cara portfolio?

Here is a transcript detailing how to post in the Cara portfolio:

So here's Car app and how to post as a portfolio in Cara app. So yeah, you can just tap the plus icon in the bottom right and then you just need to:

  • Add some text
  • Attach photos by selecting that option
  • In the bottom right, it is important to add as a portfolio
  • Add a title (e.g., "This is just an example photo")
  • Add a description
  • Add field medium
  • Select from all the types, this is how employers can basically find you out
  • Project type category software used

Once you have completed the necessary fields, tap "post." This way, you will add a post, and it will also be your portfolio post within the app. So that's basically what it is. If you go to your portfolio, you will see that it appears there.

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