How to post INSTAGRAM POST PREVIEWS on TWITTER? Nov 2021 update

hey so i'm just reading instagram twitter here um there is the new historic feature update twitter card previews for instagram so there was a historic scene where when you share your instagram link on twitter it's just url so there is no like image preview and you don't know what image is that but right now since on twitter when you share that photo you will see a preview so this update is rolling out everywhere and it started to roll out today now when you share on instagram link on twitter preview that post will appear so i just write on my account seems it doesn't work yet i see something like this but if i go to instagram i can just again just tap share to and then i can just share it to twitter and then i should see this card preview of the of the instagram post so that's basically that's how you can share uh instagram with a with a card preview on twitter

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