How to post YouTube video, Spotify, SoundCloud on BlueSky app?

BlueSky, the popular social media app, has recently introduced a new update that allows users to post YouTube videos, Spotify playlists, and SoundCloud tracks directly within the app. This new feature brings convenience and enhanced user experience to BlueSky, making it easier than ever to share and enjoy multimedia content.

To post a YouTube video on BlueSky, simply follow these steps. First, open the YouTube app and navigate to the video you wish to share. Copy the link to the video. Next, open the BlueSky app and tap on the "create post" button. Paste the YouTube link into the post, and you will notice a link card option that appears in the bottom toolbar. Tap on this button to add a link card to your post.

Once added, the link card will display a native player within the BlueSky app. You can choose to leave the original YouTube link or remove it entirely. After finalizing your post, you can publish it for others to see. When users tap on the YouTube link within your post, they will be able to watch the video directly within BlueSky, without being redirected to the YouTube app.

The same process can be followed to share audio content from Spotify and SoundCloud. Simply copy the link to the desired Spotify playlist or SoundCloud track, and paste it into your BlueSky post. Add a link card, and users will be able to listen to the music directly within the app.

It is worth noting that the new in-app players for YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Twitch on BlueSky do not support autoplay. The multimedia content will only play when a user taps on the link. This ensures that users have control over the content they engage with.

This addition of in-app video and music players further expands BlueSky's capabilities, providing users with a seamless and immersive social media experience. The ability to share and enjoy multimedia content within the app enhances connectivity and engagement among users.

So, if you are an avid YouTube watcher, Spotify playlist curator, or SoundCloud enthusiast, you can now enjoy your favorite content directly within BlueSky. Give it a try and explore the new possibilities of multimedia sharing on this exciting social media platform.

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