How to quickly get to HomeScreen on iPhone 14 Plus?

how to quickly get to the home screen on newer iPhones for example here is iPhone 14 pro and I'm just using it myself and I found this useful trick which might help you out as well so for example I have you see I have a lot of apps that are not organized in any folders so therefore they're just you know a lot of screens here but what if I just want to gather the home screen so what I do in the bottom I just wipe up a bit uh with my finger just from the bottom uh yeah the same as I want to open recent apps I just swipe up a bit but not to the point where I open in the app so like half swipe and then you can just get into your home screen it's pretty convenient feature I didn't know about it but this kind of naturally came in so pretty happy I found out it it can save a lot of time instead of swiping on or then you'll just need to delete your apps or just you know organize them in the folders and stuff like that so hope that's helpful

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