How to react to a chat on Snapchat? In a recent video transcript, the process of reacting to a chat on Snapchat was demonstrated. The key steps are outlined below:

  • Upgrade to Snapchat Plus: To enable the feature of reacting to a chat on Snapchat, users need to upgrade to Snapchat Plus.
  • Tap and hold on the chat: Once you have upgraded to Snapchat Plus, tap and hold on the chat to initiate the reaction process.
  • Select an emoji or Bitmoji: By tapping and holding on the chat, you can choose to react with an emoji or a Bitmoji.

The ability to react to chats with emojis or Bitmojis adds a new interactive element to the Snapchat experience. Not only can users respond with text, but they can also enhance their communication with visual elements. Additionally, the feature extends to reacting to snaps in a similar manner, further enriching the user experience on the platform.

In conclusion, to unlock the capability of reacting to chats and snaps with emojis or Bitmojis, users are encouraged to upgrade to Snapchat Plus. This feature offers a fun and engaging way to interact with friends on Snapchat. Try it out and discover a new way to express yourself within the app.

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