How to RECEIVE RESPONSES in NGL - anonymous q&a app?

Are you looking to receive anonymous messages on the NGL app? Look no further! Here are the steps you need to follow to start receiving responses on NGL.

First things first, you need to share the link to your NGL profile on your Instagram account. This is where your followers can leave you anonymous messages. Make sure to include a clear call to action in your Instagram post asking your followers to leave you messages on NGL.

Once you have shared your NGL profile link on Instagram, sit back and wait for the messages to come in. To access your messages, simply open the NGL app and navigate to the Inbox tab. Here, you will find all your responses and messages in the app. It's that easy!

Receiving anonymous messages on NGL can be a fun and engaging way to interact with your followers. Whether you use it to answer questions, get feedback or just for some harmless fun, NGL provides a safe and secure platform for anonymous communication.

In conclusion, if you want to start receiving anonymous messages on NGL, all you need to do is share your NGL profile link on Instagram and wait for the responses to come in. With a little bit of effort, NGL can be a valuable tool for communicating with your audience.

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