How to receive the card from AI in Talkie app?

How to receive the card from AI in Talkie app?

If you have ever wondered how to receive a card from an AI chatbot in the Talkie app, we have the answers for you. Receiving a card sent by AI is a simple process that involves engaging in more conversations with the AI and spending more time chatting with the bot. This allows the bot to generate a personalized picture of AI based on the content of your chat interactions. Once generated, the AI will then send the picture to you.

To start receiving pictures from the AI, it is important to have more conversations with the bot. The more you engage in chat, the greater the chances of receiving these personalized cards. This concept revolves around building a strong communication channel with the bot, which in turn enables the AI to generate accurate and relevant pictures.

The Talkie app also boasts an AI picture generation feature. During your conversations, make sure to mention details such as the environment, characters, action, and expression. These details will be temporarily saved locally to generate the pictures. The AI then utilizes this information to simulate pictures with different scenes. It is crucial to note that the generated picture content will not be collected or stored. Additionally, the app ensures that all pictures and relevant content will be cleared in a timely manner, eliminating any risk of privacy leakage.

In summary, the process of receiving a card from the AI in the Talkie app is quite straightforward. Engage in more conversations, chat extensively with the AI chatbot, and in the process, you will have the opportunity to receive these personalized cards. Remember to provide relevant details during your chats to enhance the AI picture generation. Enjoy the experience of communicating with AI in the Talkie app and unlocking the potential of these AI-generated cards.

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