How to recover Telegram wallet?

To recover your Telegram wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your wallet on Telegram. Before taking any action like deleting it, navigate to the settings.
  2. Access the "to space" section and ensure you have your recovery phrase handy.
  3. Tap to view the recovery phrase and save it securely. Avoid simply taking a screenshot for security reasons.
  4. Consider storing the recovery phrase in a safe place or enabling a change in recovery email.
  5. Your recovery email can serve as an alternative if you are unable to recover using the phrase.
  6. In case you delete or remove your wallet, do not worry. You can always add a wallet back.
  7. If you have removed a wallet like "t space b", recover it using the provided recovery phrase or email option.

Remember, safeguarding your recovery information is crucial to ensuring seamless access to your Telegram wallet in the future.

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