How to refer friends and earn rewards in Joe & the Juice app?

so I have to refer friends and join the juice app so just tap on your profile in the top right and then here you have refer a friend and then you can just invite a friend to join us as soon as they make their first pre-order you both get a ginger shot this is the kind of teamwork we need uh yeah so tap the info icon to learn more about refer a friend so yeah here you will just be redirected to to website share via link so feel free to use my link or share your QR code once your friend has signed up in the app added a payment method and successful order and pay for products or the job you'll both get free Ginger shot so yeah feel free to use this code I have here or you can just scan this QR code and then you will just get like a free Ginger shot in in John's juice Network so it can be pretty helpful for you also I will get some free Ginger shot so try that out yes I hope that can be helpful and thanks for watching

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