How to refresh/reload ten ten app?

The 1010 app users may encounter glitches at times, necessitating a refresh or reload to resolve issues effectively. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to refresh or reload the 1010 app properly:

  1. Move the app to the background: To begin the refresh process, navigate to your device's home screen by exiting the 1010 app.
  2. Access all apps: Locate the list of all applications installed on your device.
  3. Swipe up on the 1010 app: Once you find the 1010 app in the list of all apps, swipe up on the app to close it completely.
  4. Clear cache: This action helps ensure that the app is reset and any temporary data causing glitches is removed.
  5. Restart the app: After clearing the app from the background, relaunch the 1010 app to initiate it anew.

By following these steps to properly refresh the 1010 app, users can address various issues such as connectivity problems or glitches within the app. Refreshing the app in this manner may resolve issues like audio muting for all participants or specific individuals. Proactively refreshing the app when encountering problems can help maintain a smoother user experience and mitigate potential disruptions caused by glitches.

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