How to remove a friend in Locket widget app?

so how to remove someone from locket so you can add up to 20 friends here but in some case you just want to remove someone just type in top left and this is what I would do so you just have all these lockets which are basically groups of users and then yeah you can just tap on the this group and then just tap on the contact you want to remove but here is this one contact just tap so it becomes kind of gray the person you want to remove and then just tap save in the bottom and this is the way to remove that that person and when you're sharing this widget now to like your colleagues that person won't be included anymore in this region of course you can just tap delete widget uh or you can create a new locket and then you will be able to uh yeah to create a new locket and add new friends there um however I'm not sure how exactly to delete the person so it doesn't feel the feel the space because as I understand there are only like 20 people you can invite here so if there is already like a person you invited um yeah like I don't know how to completely remove like from your app database so this thing I don't know uh so here also maybe you can just tap on the cross icon in your friends here and then you call can also remove it

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