How to remove someone from Locket widget app?

How to remove someone in Locket Widget app?

  • Open Locked widget app
  • Tap on Friends tab in the top
  • Find a friend you want to remove.
  • Tap on a cross icon on the right. Now that friend will be removed.
Remove friend in Locket widget
Remove friends in Locket widget app

This is how you unadd someone on Locket widget app.

How to remove someone from a group widget in Locket?

Also, you can just remove someone from a group widget in Locket.

  • Tap on widgets tab in the top left.
  • Go to specific widget
  • In the widget you will see all users, tap on the person you want to remove - that circle becomes greyed out.
  • Tap Save.

Next time you are sharing a photo to this group - this person will be excluded.

But, still this user will occupy one of 20 spots in Locket widget.

You can only add up to 20 friends at the moment in Locket Widget app, so you want to make sure there are only people you value in the app.

What happens if you remove a friend on Locket widget app?

After removing a friend on Locket widget, you will no longer be able to send pictures to each other on Locket. Your history will be recoverable if you re-add each other.

Actually, be super careful at this moment of the app to just remove each other because then later, you won't be able probably to add each other again.

I was just reading some comments under my previous YouTube videos, and people are having issues. If you added each other then removed and then you want to add each other again, then it is an issue; and this app has a small support team, so nobody will be able to help you out. That's what it is at this moment. Hope that is helpful.

Can you know if someone removed you on locket?

At the moment, you won't get a notification if someone else removed you from Locket widget app.

You just might notice, that you are not receiving their photos anymore - so, that can be a sign.

Does locket notify when you remove someone?

Locket widget doesn't notify someone when you remove them. (This is my understanding, not 100% info)

However, if you unfriend someone, they won't receive your lockets anymore. And probably they might become suspicious that you removed them.

Also, if you remove someone in Locket, you won't be in their friend list anymore and that person can easily see it.

How to know if someone deleted locket?

If someone deleted their locket photo, which was sent to you, this photo will also be removed from your history.

So, if you like some Locket photos sent from other people - try to save them on your device.

Can you block someone on Locket?

AFAIK it is not possible to block, report or mute someone on Locket widget app.

It is only possible to unfriend.

However, it would a nice feature for sure, similar to Twitter.

There are many cases, where you don't want to unfriend someone, but you just don't want see their content for a while. It can be the case in Locket widget. Currently it is not possible.

Can you remove all friends?

It is not possible to bulk remove friends on Locket widget.

But, there are only 20 friends max, so it shouldn't take that much time to remove one by one.

P.S. You can get access to the newest features in Locket widget app by signing up to their TestFlight app.

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