everyone so here is locate widget app so uh yeah here you have your friends in the top left and then to remove a friend uh you just can't tap on uh yeah on this uh just tap on the front and then you will you will no longer be able to send pictures to each other unlock it your history will be recoverable if you re add each other so that's how you can just remove someone as a friend here on the locat widget app in case uh in case you're yeah i think it's pretty obvious but why would you need that because sometimes people just have issues when adding each other actually be super careful at this moment of the app to just remove each other because because then later you won't be able probably to add each other again i was just reading some comments under my previous youtube videos and people having issues like if you added each other uh then removed and then you want to add each other again then that's in it it is an issue and this app has like a small support team so nobody will be able to help you out so that's what it is at this moment hope that is helpful

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