How to REMOVE APP SEARCH in OUTLOOK? Possible fixes

If you've been struggling with the app search bar in Outlook, rest assured that it's not a problem specific to your Wi-Fi connection or Microsoft Office version. In fact, Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a bug and is actively working on a solution. Spending countless hours searching through community posts and forums won't provide any quick fixes.

Microsoft recently released an official blog post addressing the issue. To access it, a simple Google search will lead you to the page you need. As of now, the bug persists, but there is good news on the horizon. On February 13th, a new Outlook update is scheduled to be released, which should resolve the problem. With a 90% probability, this update will fix the issue once and for all, though there could be a slight delay.

However, if you are eager to find a solution today, Microsoft has provided two official workarounds. The first workaround involves customizing your reading pane. Simply navigate to the View tab, tap on Reading Pane, and select either the bottom or off option. By doing this, the reading pane will disappear along with the app search bar bug.

The second workaround is a bit more technical and may require assistance from your IT support team. This method involves reverting to a previous build of Microsoft Outlook. To do this, open your command prompt as administrator and enter the provided prompt. This action will help eliminate the bug. Additionally, remember to disable updates for new versions of Outlook to prevent the bug from resurfacing.

For those who prefer to wait until February 13th, you can revisit the aforementioned page to check the status of the search bar bug. If it has been resolved, you can go ahead and update your Outlook to the latest version, effectively resolving the issue.

By following one of these methods, you can bid farewell to the frustrating app search bar bug and regain full functionality in Outlook.

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