So you want to know how to remove BTS from BeReal? If you're eager to create a BeReal without any trace of BTS, then I have some simple steps for you to follow.

  1. Open the BeReal app: Launch the BeReal app on your device.
  2. Tap on the BeReal: Once you're in the app, locate the specific BeReal that features BTS.
  3. Remove BTS: Within the chosen BeReal, look for the BTS feature. You will notice a "BTS" option that you can tap.
  4. Turn off BTS: By tapping on the BTS option, you can turn it off. This action will remove BTS from your BeReal.
  5. Automatic settings: Once you have turned off BTS in a BeReal, the setting will remain automatically off for all future BeReal creations. You don't need to change anything in your app settings or elsewhere.
  6. Persistence across devices: The BTS removal will persist across devices and even if you restart the app. This means that if you switch to another phone or log in from a different device, BTS will still be removed from your BeReal.

In addition to the above steps, please note that if you have already recorded a BeReal with BTS, you can still remove it either before publishing the BeReal or within the published BeReal itself.

That's all it takes to remove BTS from your BeReal. By following these straightforward instructions, you can create a BTS-free BeReal whenever you want.

BeReal provides users with the ability to create authentic and engaging content. With this option to remove BTS, users have more control over the content they share with others.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and tips on using BeReal effectively.

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