How to REMOVE LOCKET WIDGET from HomeScreen?

in case you are wondering how to remove locket widget app just on iphone just like any other we just tap and hold or you can just tap and hold on any other app and then just add it home screen and then just tap this icon minus icon in the top left and then just tap remove or again i can just tap and hold and then remove widget remove locate widget remove this widget will not delete any apps or data remove so for me like of course widgets are not removing the locate widget app and nothing happened is the one thing that like if you put your app in specific order on your phone like if you know that i'm using reddit a lot or books a lot but then if you add widget uh the order of this app apps might shake uh make shake up and be different so that can be a bit annoying at least for me so add widgets on the on the user on the separate home screen on your phone or on the screen where you don't for example i have these apps on my first page and they're located in specific order where i use them the most so if i add the widget here on this page all like and then remove the widget all the apps are just like you know messed up uh is maybe it's just back on my phone but that's what it is

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