How to remove photos from Lapse Journal app?

To remove photos from the Lapse Journal app, you simply need to follow a few steps. Although the app's user interface might seem a bit complicated at first, once you grasp the process, it becomes quite straightforward.

First, navigate to the "journal" tab located in the bottom left corner of the app. This section represents your private journal, organized by months. If you wish to modify the privacy settings for an entire month, you can do so. Alternatively, you can individually select specific photos within a month to adjust their privacy settings.

To remove a photo from the monthly recap, simply select the desired photo and tap on the "delete" or "remove" option. It's important to note that by removing the photo, it won't be deleted from your memories entirely. Instead, it will only be removed from the monthly recap.

However, if you wish to permanently delete the photo, you can choose the "delete" option. Keep in mind that once deleted, the photo cannot be recovered. It's gone for good, erased from existence.

Now, there's a slight confusion regarding whether deleting a photo from memories also deletes it from the journal itself. In other apps like BeReal, memories are considered as a separate entity that can be deleted without affecting your journal. However, in Lapse Journal, it seems that deleting a photo from memories likely removes it from your journal as well. While this assumption seems reasonable, it's always good to clarify any doubts.

Additionally, if you want to remove a tag associated with a photo, you can do so within the app. This way, you have control over organizing and customizing your entries.

Remember, the aforementioned steps are how you can remove photos from Lapse Journal app. By following this process, you can manage your journal entries effectively.

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