How to remove Telegram wallet from Notcoin?

To remove the Telegram wallet from Notcoin, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Notcoin app and locate the wallet feature.
  2. Within the wallet section, tap on the option to connect different wallets.
  3. Upon selecting this option, a prompt to connect a new wallet will appear.
  4. Choose to connect a different wallet, such as T keeper, by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. By connecting a new wallet like T keeper, the Telegram wallet will be automatically removed from Notcoin.

In the provided video transcript, the user demonstrates the process of removing the Telegram wallet from NCoin. The narrator explains that after tapping on the wallet feature in NCoin, users can navigate to the option to link different wallets. By selecting this, users are prompted to connect a new wallet, which in this case is illustrated with the example of T keeper. The narrator emphasizes that by connecting a new wallet like T keeper, the Telegram wallet will no longer be present in the app.

The video highlights how the Telegram wallet can be inadvertently integrated into other platforms, such as NCoin, and become prevalent across various functions. By following the straightforward steps outlined in the video, users can effectively remove the Telegram wallet from Notcoin and replace it with an alternative wallet option like T keeper.

In conclusion, by adhering to the instructions provided in the video transcript and choosing to connect a different wallet within the Notcoin app, users can successfully remove the Telegram wallet from their account. This process ensures a streamlined and personalized experience within the app, tailored to the user's preferred wallet services.

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