did you know that actually you can remove watermark in face app by inviting a lot of other users so yeah if you go to settings and then you want to go and disable Watermark obviously you need to upgrade to 57 Pro which I really recommend you to do if you enjoyed this app because it's a cool app and it's not that expensive it's 39.99 per year but I understand that in some countries it's still a lot of money and you really need to have a big case to use it so yeah what this app now has they introduce this referral program so basically you can share your personal referral link your friends get a special offer so there you have it this is my personal referral link so you can use it and referred friends get pro version for seven dice as an extended free trial offer so you you need to click that link and you can upgrade to the pro version so you still need to upgrade but you just get extended 7 days free trial and then I also can get seven days uh free trial um yeah so if you use the app just go to the app and you create the server link and refer friends you can get this 7 day free trial or you can just click on my link which is here in the bottom so feel free to use this link here in the bottom while upgrading to faisa Pro and then yeah this is kind of a cool feature so try that and then you will get some extended free trial so the app won't become completely free but you will have extended free trial and that's then you invite more people to the app and probably that's how they want to accelerate growth of the app and get more signups

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