How to remove watermark in Livestatus app?

how to remove watermark in a Live status app so if you take in and send in images with Live status like usually you will see this watermark in the top left but it also allows you to remove watermarks so here as you can see in other images there is no watermark so to enable this setting you just go to Live status and then tap on your profile tap on your icon top right and then you have picture setting and then here you have saved to local album so you can enable that and then there is this setting enabled automatically save this watermark so what you can do you can just disable it and that's it also you can just upgrade to Live status Pro and that's not Watermark however in current version you can just disable watermark for free and it's allowed to do that so I don't know maybe in future Watermark will be just required all the time unless you upgrade but in the moment you can just disable Watermark like this

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