How to report bullying in NGL app?

If you are experiencing bullying or harassment on the NGL app, there are steps you can take to report the issue and protect yourself. In this video transcript, we will walk you through how to report bullying on the NGL app and the available options.

  1. Identify the message sent by a real person: To report bullying, you need to locate the message that was sent by a real person and not a bot. Look for the red button indicating the sender of the message.
  2. Access the reporting functionality: Once you have identified the message, click on it to open it. In the top-left corner, you should see an information icon. Click on this icon to access the reporting options.
  3. Report bullying or harassment: After clicking on the information icon, a menu will appear with several options. One of them is to report bullying or harassment. Choose this option to proceed with reporting the issue.

Choose from three options: Once you have selected the reporting option, you will be presented with three choices to handle the situation:

a. Delete the message: If you choose this option, the message will be deleted. However, keep in mind that deleted messages cannot be recovered. The person who sent the message can still send you messages in the future.

b. Block the user: Another option is to block the user who is bullying or harassing you. Blocking a user is irreversible, meaning you cannot undo the action. Once blocked, you will no longer receive messages from that person.

c. Report to the NGL team: You can also choose to tap on "Tell NGL team." This option allows you to send all the necessary information regarding the bullying incident to the NGL team. The information sent will include your user ID, your iOS version, and the post ID.

  1. Await response from the NGL team: After reporting the bullying or harassment incident, it is essential to wait for a response from the NGL team. It is worth noting that the response time may vary due to the high volume of users on the app. However, the NGL team will address your report as soon as possible.

In cases where immediate action is required, blocking the user is the fastest option available to protect yourself. However, do remember that blocking a user is irreversible, and you will not be able to unblock them.

It is important to address bullying and harassment issues promptly to ensure a safe and respectful environment on the NGL app. By following these steps, you can report bullying incidents and protect yourself from further harm.

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