How to repost stories in Telegram?

With the recent update, Telegram now allows users to repost stories from their friends and favorite channels, offering an easy way to reach a wider audience with just a couple of taps. Reposting a story not only enables users to share it with their own followers but also gives them the opportunity to add extra content such as text, audio, or even video comments. Additionally, Telegram provides a separate visibility setting for each repost, offering enhanced privacy controls.

To repost a story, simply tap on the repost icon located at the bottom of the story, as demonstrated in the video. It is important to ensure that you have updated your Telegram app to access this feature. Once the repost icon is selected, tap the share arrow and choose "repost story" to proceed. This will safeguard the privacy of the stories that are only visible to specific individuals, ensuring that only those who are authorized to view the story can repost it.

Telegram has introduced several other updates to its platform, making it worthwhile for users to explore the new features. Whether it's the ability to repost stories or other enhancements, Telegram continues to provide a customizable and user-friendly experience.

In summary, the new update from Telegram allows users to easily repost stories from their friends and favorite channels, adding their own content and adjusting the visibility settings. By updating the app and tapping on the repost icon, users can increase their reach and share stories with their followers. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Telegram as the platform continues to improve and evolve.

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